Taqvaylit n tidet, tlelli war tilas

Editorial statement

TQ5 is a general-interest television channel of Kabyle expression. It aims to disseminate programs that reflect the Kabyle society core values and thus contribute to Kabyle culture, language and identity development and dissemination through Kabylia, Amazigh land (Africa North) and around the world.

 TQ5 is a space of free speech independent from any political, religious or ideological allegiance. It is an open space to the world and embraces the universal values of citizenship and progress, including equality between men and women, freedom of speech and opinion, respect for diversity, tolerance to the plurality of beliefs.

TQ5 Commitments

  1. Culture, Arts and Science

TQ5’s mission is to contribute, through a multitude of technological means and the proven Kabyle men and women talents throughout the world and in Kabylia, to the Kabyle youth flourishing by making them love true sciences, arts, literature and culture in all its dimensions in their own language. TQ5 is also a channel to rediscover Kabylian people in particular and Amazigh people in general the greatest ancestral history, though sometimes painful chapters.

  1. The diaspora

TQ5 aims to be a link between all the Kabylians in Kabylia and all over the world, so that they can unite their forces to give back their language, culture and identity the civilization that was denied for centuries.

  1. Childhood and youth

TQ5 aims to provide children and Kabylian youth’s educational programs, as well as a space of expression that values their past, enriches their present and projects them in a future free from empty identities and self-denial. TQ5 will work tirelessly to protect the Kabylian youths against the subversive media who are committed to plunging them into ignorance and radicalization.

The Kabyle youth’s must be proud of their identity and culture and confident that it is enough to work not only to save it from the disappearance but to make it flourish in the world.

  1. Woman Emancipation

History teaches us that the world biggest civilized nations and people’s progress would not have been possible without the emancipation of women who compose them. TQ5 will be a space of choice for the Kabylian woman to express her talents in all fields and fully participate in the debates and build a society that will meet these aspirations.

  1. The language

TQ5 will broadcast a complete and innovative content that aims to inform, educate, and entertain and literate all generations of Kabylians in the Kabyle language wherever they are in the world.

Ethical rules and Conduct 

To fulfill all its multiple missions, TQ5’s management team and professionals are committed to work in compliance with the following guiding principles and ethical rules:

  1. Independence, Integrity and Responsibility

 Kabyle community’s confidence and respect towards TQ5 depends on its editorial independence and its leaders and employees integrity. The managers sense of responsibility and journalists and other employees professional value, will guarantee the editorial independence and TQ5 programs integrity.

  1. Fair and honest information

 Fair and honest information is essential to establishing and maintaining trust with the public and with those who are or are directly affected by the content of TQ5 programs.

  1. Impartiality and diversity of perspectives

 TQ5 is committed to ensure that the information gathering and news presentation is impartial and in line with internationally accepted journalism objective standards. TQ5 aims to present, over time, content that addresses a wide range of topics from a diversity of perspectives reflecting a diversity of experiences, presented in a variety of ways from a variety of sources, including the TQ5 content created, generated by the public or acquired from external producers or experts.  Impartiality does not require that each perspective receive equal time or that all sides of each argument are presented.

  1. Accuracy and precision

TQ5 is committed to ensure that the information gathering and news presentation is impartial and in line with internationally accepted journalism objective standards. TQ5 will make every reasonable effort to ensure content is accurate and based on facts.

TQ5’s accuracy standard applies to statements of facts, not opinions. Opinions will be transmitted precisely in their entire integrality, and no editing should distort its meaning. The commitment to precision and accuracy must be complemented by a systematic search for the sincere correction of possible errors and a clarification of the information that would prove ambiguous. Corrections and clarifications contribute to the integrity and impartiality of TQ5.

  1. Respect for privacy

 Respect and protection of privacy is necessary for human dignity. Everyone who contributes with TQ5 is entitled to expect that their privacy will be protected. As confidentiality is not absolute, TQ5 will always strike a balance between privacy, freedom of speech and public interest in disclosure.

  1. Information sources Protection

 TQ5 guarantees its journalists the right to take all the necessary precautions to protect the anonymity and freedom of speech of their sources of information. TQ5 will protect its journalists from any form of pressure that would attempt to undermine this journalist’s inalienable right.

  1. Public Access and participation

TQ5 provides opportunities for individuals and organizations to engage with TQ5 or its audience in accordance with its service objectives and standards to inform, entertain, educate, encourage and promote the arts, culture, science, environment protection or any other Kabylian people interest issue wherever it may be.